Front suspension assembled

I finally assembled all the components of the front suspension over the weekend of March 6, 2021. With all components in place I verified I had clearance for the swing of the a-arms. I also looked for clearances of the shock components and cantilever pullies and made some slight adjustments. It was time to grease the front bearings and install them in the rotors and assembled both wheel and brake assemblies. I will wait to add the brake lines at a later time when I am doing the final assembly.

I lowered the frame the chassis has been built on so that the front wheels could hold up the weight of the car and put the rear swingarm onto a furniture dolly so I could test the front suspension. Everything looked great and I took the opportunity to jump up and down on the front of the chassis to see how the suspension traveled. It was exciting to finally see it in action!

Look for the latest updates in the Front Suspension chapter.