Still here, just little progress

Not much progress unfortunately, so that is the reason for the lapse in updates. The engine install is now in the final stages with a new radiator and oil cooler installation that is taking longer due to the customization. I hope to post updates soon now that most of the parts needed have arrived.

Engine Install, Part 2

It really is surprising how big the engine looks now that it sits in the trike frame. It fits like a glove in the frame, but now that I have all this room, it will actually be more of a challenge to re-route all the ancillary hardware to get it running again. The fuel tank… Continue reading Engine Install, Part 2

Engine Install, Part 1

In July 2021 I started to fabricate the mounting tabs and braces necessary to install the engine as I described in the previous post. Lower engine mounts were done first as the engine hinges on this pivot point. I didn’t get pictures of the parts before welding it to the frame, but here is a… Continue reading Engine Install, Part 1

Donor bike engine removal

Beginning the week of March 15, 2021 I started the process of removing the engine from the 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa donor bike I purchased. By Saturday the engine was out and sitting on a rolling dolly ready to be mounted into the trike. The engine is secured in the bike at the rear bottom of… Continue reading Donor bike engine removal

Front suspension assembled

I finally assembled all the components of the front suspension over the weekend of March 6, 2021. With all components in place I verified I had clearance for the swing of the a-arms. I also looked for clearances of the shock components and cantilever pullies and made some slight adjustments. It was time to grease… Continue reading Front suspension assembled

Site Redesign

So I haven’t been very good at keeping my site updated regarding this project. Lots of things have happened and Blonde-Streak II is looking more and more like a reverse trike. So I made it a priority this year (2021) to redesign the site, make it more of a blog to I can add updates… Continue reading Site Redesign