For steering, I opted for a simple rack and pinion setup taken directly from Ford Mustang II applications. This is a very popular aftermarket item, inexpensive and plenty of available sources. I bought mine from Speedway Motors along with mounting bushings and hardware. The steering wheel is also from Speedway as is the steering column. I had to modify the column to shorten the length, the column came as a nice package with a round aluminum tube cover over the shaft. Both the shaft and tube were cut to length and then reassembled.

I cut a 2 x 2 x 1/8 inch 90 degree angle steel to length and drilled holes to bolt on the rack and pinion. I welded this into the front suspension frame area with it angled approximately 45 degrees so that when the rack and pinion is attached, the steering input shaft point straight back into the cockpit.

rack and pinion mount
Rack and pinion mount

I then attached the rack and pinion to the mount. At this point I could attach the steering wheel assembly to the input shaft by way of a universal joint and everything looked good. I will mount a steering wheel support one I get more of the suspension and instrument cluster fitted and installed. Here is the rack and pinion mounted in the chassis.

Rack and pinion installed